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meet the chefs

Gavin Cassidy and Eoin Lennon are professional chefs with over 50 years combined experience in all aspects of the catering industry including training at 2 Star Michelin level. Gavin and Eoin have combined their knowledge and expertise to create this delicious range of professionally prepared sauces for you to enjoy.

So, we set ourselves a challenge: to come up with a range of gravies to serve this broad audienece of people who love their grub and who also may or may not be vegetarians/vegans.


Solving this puzzle might sound complicated but the solution was actually quite simple. We took fresh vegetables, grown in the Garden County of Wicklow. We combined them with fresh herbs and delicate spices. Then we added a very special ingredient: the finest seaweed from the West of Ireland, which adds amazing umami depth to the flavour of our gravies, as well as adding real health benefits.


The gravies are then slow-cooked to ensure all the gorgeous ingredients come out in their own good time.


Having cracked this challenge, we are now ready to launch our introductory range of Porter & Nash ‘Different Gravies’ – in three flavour combinations. We look forward to expanding our range – and also our work-force – to cater to demand and make Porter & Nash a household name.



No artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives


Fresh Irish ingredients


Umami Seaweed for flavour
and amino acids



Our depth of flavour is loved by all